Open Letter to Mickey MA (RCA)

Answer to "Mickey" whose post of 21 september 2003 is on the Guestbook —
Since the email address Mickey left us was a fake... I'm posting the answer, maybe he'll come looking [scroll for more]:

Gee. S'about time someone said something nasty. Only glad it was you. who, exactly, are you? and how'd you get to my website? what is RCA, and who needs to sign a nasty crit with "professional painter"? Does it say "professional painter" on your business cards, everyone is wondering?

However, fork over your website address, I'll check out your obviously brilliant artistic genius, and we can see for ourselves what real "vision" means.

As for filling up the world with more garbage, well.. garbage is only the by-product of such trashy nastiness as your own (as if the world needed one more art critic.. Imagine the irony of accusing ME of adding to the world's garbage.) oh, and tastelessness. Frankly, if you are so capable, and aware, on top of talented — a touch of class would suit you as well. Or Style, as Hemingway would call it. In other words, if you really were serious about your criticism, you would have taken the time to phrase it — to "craft" it, you know? — not only intelligently, but with the Style and originality which your claim of "professional painter" might have suggested, had you not mentioned it at all.

Regarding the "big American artists" you refer to with such ostentation — whom you mention, I note, almost in the same breath as your own "professional" qualifications — I confess that other than a relative handful which I greatly admire, I'm much more attracted by european art of the 20th century. perhaps this is the culture gap which you sense, and which drives you to lash out at a perfect stranger (among many millions of 'bad artists', eh?) with such perfect abandon. You American, I wonder? (does it say so on your business card, too?) Do you suppose I am? The way you mention the 'artworld', so familiarly, so protectively, as if it were an exclusive club you've recently been admitted to, and now jealously protect from such 'garbage'-mongers as myself: this just reminds me why I keep at arm's length from it (the artworld. you still following?) and Pros like you (and other aficionados of "big American artists", with their lofty yet murkish concepts of "vision" — oh, Mick, I feel I know you already, really..)

Dear Mickey, or Mickie, or whoever you are: it is with great pleasure that I leave your stabbing comments on my website, right in the guestbook for everyone to see.
It's not that I mind being criticized, even harshly (or publicly for that matter) — that's life, and especially, that is the biz we're in, eh? It's just that, if you were going to bother at all (after all, who the hell am I to you, and why should you care at all, and waste your breath on my clearly worthless behalf?) — if you are going to bother at all, I say, then put a little elbow grease into it; i.e., if something is worth doing, perhaps it's worth doing well. (one writer's definition of a "Professional.") You know Beckett? so: "try again; fail again; fail better. "

I await your answer, and website address, most impatiently (as do, I'm sure, some of my guestbook's other guests, greedy audience that they are..) — publicly, if you dare.. surely you won't disappoint us. Do be polite, though.
Well. It remains for me to thank you for the night's entertainment, as well as for the opportunity to wax prosaic, which is always a gag.


  Worth makes the Man
  Want of it the Fellow
  The rest is all but Leather and Prunella.


PS: what's up with the fake email address??? Stand by yr comments you noodle!