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2020-07-04  Robert Wildau
I really like your work: the muscularity, complexity and conviction of it. Hope to see more of it and you, in AixRC.

2020-05-16  Jes
PHP Guestbook is back, thanks Jack! Your Kung-fu is most powerful ;))

2017-05-01  La Gazelle
Fascinated by your work as always

2016-12-05  Peggy Croydon
You mentioned that you paint and left me a simple card.
Well I am breathless. Is it really you who painted all those marvelous paintings?
I have to know because the works are masterful.
If you asked me which of the paintings I liked, I would be forced to say ALL OF THEM. There is such a variety of styles, ideas, moods that one should not just browse but inspect no more than 5 at most 6 at a time.

My daughter is showing an affinity to art - so I was telling her about my extremely artistic friend from many years ago. She and I both love your art.

2012-01-25  Charlie 1
Wow!!! I just looked at your website young man & what can I say?? I think one of the words the youngsters use these days is AWESOME :))) but it does not begin to describe zee pleasure felt ;-) Seriously, how can you be so damn prolific?? So many amazing pictures & the site itself is put together beautifully. Chapeau my dear, Chapeau! Well, when I get rich & famous perhaps I'll commission a portrait... ? to go on my Solo album once I make it? (working on that...)

2011-10-12  Amanda Bartley
Your work is beautiful, i love the painting PIER

2011-09-15  Rycci
....seš prostě dobrej!!!!!

2011-08-26  Daniel Levy

2011-01-22  Sabine Rosset
J'ai découvert votre site par hasard, j'ai parcouru vos peintures une à une, et c'est sublime ce que vous faites.
Mon attention s'est concentrée sur "La Citadelle". J'y reviens souvent, j'ai un vrai coup de foudre pour cette oeuvre. Elle me rappelle le Yemen, l'architecture de ses habitations très particulières, et la métaphore de la concentration d'un monde "tenu" entre ciel et terre. Il y a beaucoup de sensibilité dans votre peinture, quelque chose d'intemporel qui unit celui qui s'y attarde, en orientant son regard sur l'éternité qui se dégage de l'éphémère de nos scènes quotidiennes.

2010-08-24  Panos
Hey mate u done some really cool job! Hope i hear from u soon!

2010-07-22  Hana Vanek
I hope you are well, your art is awesome. Being retired now I started to paint in my ripe age. Any suggestion where to learn in Prague?

2010-06-11  Malcolm
Just wondering about the Credits of some of the work, as I recognize Stuart Jackson's style from selling some of his work in the 90's. Wondering where he is...
Any news/enlightenment would be great...

2010-03-27  Catherine Stock
I have just stumbled across your website. Your work has gone from strength to strength. I confess that you partly inspired me to give up my life in New York to commit myself to developing my own work, yet to date I lack your tenacity and focus. Perhaps I need to come to terms with my life as a sybarite...

2010-03-08  Théodora
It has been such a long time i haven't visit your paintings. By looking at them again today i just realized how beautiful your "Art" is...
Théo x

2009-09-06  Saša
Grandmaster... Thank you!

2009-05-19  Marie Magdalena
Same as many others I fell into your pictures and just do not want to leave the atmosphere. It's moving, crashing and coming back to one piece again. Thank you! MM

2009-05-03  Leigh D'Agostino
Sitting, been drinking with Annemarie, Kate, Karen and Ruth. Talking about Jo's. Still got Viki's pictures ? She's better now. Nice one.

2009-04-04  A Fan
Liz is great.

2009-01-25  Silvija Pavičić
Great paintings! I've just read the book from your brother. Seems that you're all talented in family. Greetings from sunny island Hvar...

2008-12-17  Robert Polo
Fantastic work, glad to see your talents continue to flow. I hope you're well... All the best in 2009, Bob

2008-11-11  EktoPascal
On a vu ton site qui nous a donné envie... Merci. Merci beaucoup. Joli boulot.

2008-10-18  John
Comment ça va? Hope all's well in Paris.. Still missing europe but slowly adjusting.. Glad you're still painting strong! Be well - Hetz

2008-10-10  Mel The Mastermind
Checking up on you. Without a doubt, you're still great. Sometimes i see our faces in pics - so unlined and pale. So long ago... Hope yer good!

2008-09-08  Jana
I can't believe it! Great!... : )

2008-05-27  Nathalie Loyseau
J'aime ta peinture, j'ai gardé la photo du foutoir c'est ma préférée.

2008-04-27  Alexander Margulis
I think your art is definite, infinite, has many meanings, and one interesting life story. Regards from Israel.

2008-04-10  Jana RyÅ¡ava your art

2007-12-14  Bloom
i really like bloom! In fact i like all , would like to see real paintings rather than on screen.

2007-12-06  Blanka Santos
I am impressed. You have a potent style, I like it... most of all I like the variety of expression.

2007-11-03  Liz
Liz is great.

2007-10-17  Jacques
Au cas où tu songerais à devenir ballet dancer ou champion cycliste, je suggère que tu te mettes à la peinture. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, j'ai la conviction que tu y témoignerais un fabuleux talent.

2007-07-27  Boris
These are wonderful. The swimmers series is among my favourite. I'm sorry I must content myself with web images.

2007-04-17  Nicolas Sarkozy
Bravo pour le nouveau site et surtout pour cette magnifique peinture. Vous êtes un grand artiste de ce siècle et si je suis élu, je vous accorderai la nationalité Française sans detour, malgré vos origines pour ainsi dire... louches.

2007-03-09  Barbara
Hi, it's me again, just checking in to be entertained, wowed, thrilled by all the new things I'd never seen. You are a gem and so is your work. Love, love.

2007-02-27  Laure
J'adore! x

2007-02-27  Rebekah
I checked it out - am really impressed.
Thanks for giving me a card to take a look.

2007-02-16  JeS
I love your art and your expression and your intensity quite mind blowing...
I am going to finish looking through the rest of your work and get lost down the Rabbit Hole...

2007-02-13  Booda
The sailboat is excellent... Take a second look.

2007-01-07  Kristen Foote
Back again to check out your site. Great stuff!

2006-12-29  Pavel Aschermann
Maš to paradni, kamo !!!

2006-12-26  Barbara
I LOVE all the portraits that I hadn't seen before. You are a stunner, you are. I am still enjoying my Temporary Room print as does everyone who sees it.

2006-12-09  Lucy
Original and fascinating!!!!!

2006-12-01  Ken Smith
Hi, remember me? I was browsing through the LFNY Newsletter and saw the link to your site. You have some awesome work! Drop me a line sometime so we can catch up! saludos amigo

2006-10-29  Sandrine-Aïcha
Bravo, bravo et encore BRAVO...
Que dire de mieux. A bientôt. Bises

2006-09-28  Stuart
Well baby... the new paintings are I knew they would be. Particularly the Moroccan Street scenes. You have created an environment that the viewer is invited to enter and move around in. Also liking the more painterly quality of Cockfight 2!!!
Well done - I miss you much, brother.

2006-09-25  Pepe Brito
My respects. Watching your paintings has made me think of you as a greater person.The web site is also very good.Tell Glen to open that bar already :)

2006-09-16  Litzky
Been a while since I spent time on your site. You're getting more complex and more interesting by the painting. Particularly admired "Girl" and both "Cockfights" and "Flight" and "Undertow."

2006-08-28  Andrea Heberger
I still love my/your picture "Endgame". Good old times in Prague! Liebe Große aus Köln

2006-07-23  Lisa Lefebvre
I check in, every-so-often, to see what you are creating. I'm still as captivated and inspired as the first time I saw your work. Much love.

2006-06-11  Julien
Respect.........oh yeah.... ;)

2006-05-13  Jelena Vukotic
"I want to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees..."

2006-05-05  Mindy
I did not think it possible that you could be even better than I thought you were when I watched you painting 10 years ago, but my God! I'm blown away!

2006-04-12  Mali
Eeejjj voe jebaću ti sve po spisku

2006-02-07  Angelina Jolie
Travelling through your fabulous website has turned my reality upside out. Smitten by your talent, i have given Brad the heave-ho and shall retreat into reclusive, humble adoration of you and your art, until you deign take notice of me.

2006-01-27  Lou Brauer
Little, little man... Very nice. I especially enjoy viewing "Louis," though with all that intense smoldering beauty from which to work, you really could not go wrong.
I miss and love you.

2006-01-16  Marielle
They are like If you peered through stained glass windows. A mess of blue and yellow.
Your paintings seem to glare at you as you go.
Enticed within the trap of color. There is a gleam of pure logic... i also see a glimpse of joy that you discover through the work, trapped in hues....aka-love them.

2006-01-14  No Such Brother
What's my baby doing in a scrapyard, mate?

2006-01-10  David W. Bowles
On fire. Deep style. Psychodramatic. Nosuchcomment. I like. Can you cook?

2006-01-04  Pablo
Good work. I met u at the plane coming back from NY.. I just saw the web... Cool stuff. Let's exchange a picture 4 a painting.. Peace,Pablo

2005-12-10  Carmine M.
Good stuff man, bigtime.. No stress about our lady friends of the world

2005-10-04  Richard Evans
Many years have passed, not so the impressions left. Number 34 adorning a new abode. Will be back to the grounds again to settle a yearning. And with that, additions to home.

2005-09-07  Katrina Kelshall
I like the way you capture water and the texture you give to white. Its a style between Schiele, Klimt, Picasso (cubism) and even Van Gogh. Would be great to see it live and direct.

2005-08-11  Nosuchsister
Your superior talent is equalled only by your inimitable sense of cheese

2005-07-31  Manu Coloma
I have been in your page and enjoyed it. I specially like the portraits and enjoyed also the close/ups. Go ahead with the linking, I will link your page also as soon as I have the chance.Hasta la vista.
Manu -

2005-06-23  Klara Low
Brilliant. Can i come see some stuff? Let me know

2005-04-17  Robert Litzky
Beautiful paintings on a terrific site!

2005-02-27  Caroline
Very VERY good!

2005-02-11  PA de Potestad
Wish I were there, in the midst of your world, but I am here and love, everywhere. Thanks for sharing. On attend la cuvée 2005 avec appétit. Le manque rend le goût plus insistant. Keep feeding us from your beautiful mind.

2004-10-23  Yuri Psinakis
Great to 'see' you again. I'll be catching up with carl soon and look forward to the same with you. All the best, and as before, wonderful work.

2004-10-06  Johnny Cazzone
Great site!

2004-10-02  Stéphane
Memory is a rich and challenging exploration. Your work is a time/space trip for me in the way you open the door, collapse perspective and let the viewer in. Youre work is a fine example of the vitality of the medium. Fantastic work.

2004-09-14  Raphaël B.
Une raison de plus pour venir à Prague... L'architecture, la vie nocturne et tes peintures. See you there.

2004-08-17  Carl E. Smith
Your are a very talented man Jes. Bravo!

2004-07-23  Bohdana H.
Very cool!

2004-07-05  Moshe Shani
Very nice paintings and a nice web.

2004-05-06  Alyssa Lyon
Glad to reconnect after all these years dear friend. It's obvious you have been keeping very busy. Truly wonderful. Cheers.

2004-04-16  Hana Vanek
Love it all, can't wait to see your work

2004-03-31  Dave Blanchard
Your art stirs not only admiration, but a desire to know what motivated the style, a wish to explore how you did it, and an urge to find my paints and a canvas! Great, inspiring work!

2004-02-17  Kip
Excellent work. One of the most enjoyable things I've seen on the web in a long time. Many thanks.

2004-02-03  Vanessa & Moha
I am so thrown (read impressed) by your inimitable talent that i just drank a fly (in my wine) - nevertheless... My man's still gonna kick your bee hind at you-know-what

2004-01-29  Elizabeth Auzan
Good morning. I am the gallery owner Annabelle Cayrol told you about in Fribourg. I find your work very strong and interesting. I will try to organize a visit to Prague this year unless, of course you happen to be coming to Switzerland.....Best regards

2004-01-28  Annabelle Cayrol
Je veux plus que tout une toile de toi!

2004-01-05  Marta
Colorful.. Beautiful.. Deep.. I like interesting ideas.. Feelings they are touching our souls..
Good luck. Marta

2003-12-27  sir JR Hall
A real artist, so in his prime. His craft speaks for its wonder. Cheers to his passion.... JR

2003-12-02  Mel The Mastermind
"The best way out is always through." Robert Frost... Don't stop. We always knew you were great, even in the haziest of moments.

2003-11-10  Allison Cross
Wow. Your work is amazing. Gosh!! Speechless. " Tu t'agites, tu t'agites, l'important, c'est de donner un sens à ta vie." (Andre Techine) Beautiful... A.

2003-11-09  D & G
Bravo on your recent success.The paintings are beautiful!

2003-10-30  LaDana
Undertow II ... I think you painted her for me. I think my life feels like this painting... alone, calm, the water alleviating the pressure of the outside world, reflection, a little melancholy but breaking through...

2003-10-07  Mimo
b...e...a...u...t...i...f...u...l... One day I'll buy one, you know? : )

2003-10-06  Brigitte
Salut. On m'avait montré un catalogue et j'avais trouvé tes oeuvres très "sombres" mais grâce à ce site j'ai découvert des choses que j'aime beaucoup! Bravo. Brigitte

2003-09-24  Jes
See, Mickey? The peanut gallery weighs in. You're becoming a phenomenon. But where are you, we all wonder? Still hiding behind that fake email address? Didn't you want an answer? Also, the list of people curious to see your work is growing. Send your website a.s.a.p. You never know, might get a buyer and kill another bird with your sticks & stones :-D
Anyway: if you want the answer to your post, click here

2003-09-23  Stuart J
I have to agree with the comments below... House painter mentality...
Sorry Jess I do not think Mickey is coming back. But it would be good fun to hear (see) some type of "professional" painter philosophy

2003-09-23  Jadayne
A guy named Mickie painted my house once. Very, very amateurish (one word). Did nothing to our hallway but fill it with garbage. Perhaps a visit to the big American Tru-cote factory and an even stroke with the paint roller would've helped him improve his technique, but he seemed to have a real lack of vision and too much time on his hands to truly focus on his craft. The houses were there, but he just spent his time on the Internet, writing ridiculous critiques. Dat you Mickie?
A. Jadayne. Professional Art Critic (BSA)

2003-09-23  stuart J
I am thinking that perhaps M. is a student of the Abstract painters...

M...let's see your professional paintings

2003-09-20  Mickey
Very very amateur ish, the kind of picture making that really does nothing to the artworld except fill it more with garbage. Perhaps a visit to the big american artists and a real look at art history may help you get better but really i feel that you have a real lack of vision in your artworks, u have a subject matter but the realisation just looks poor.
Mickie MA (RCA)
professional painter

2003-09-06  Francesca & Arnaud
Keep going... Splendid piece of work, Very impressive sense of composition.

2003-09-04  Fred & Rapha
Nice painting, nice drawing, nice evening, hard morning !!!..............
see you soon in Paris.
Keep the good work.

2003-08-19  Tayari Kimya
Very empressed by your art. Wish i could find the proper words to express the depth of the emotion that I felt through them. Must use words that aren´t sufficient enough to describe such art work.....I can only say Thank you. It made my evening.
Tayari Kimya

2003-07-29  Théo et Val
As you know we are fans of your paintings
Metropolitan is so realistic...we just love it

2003-06-30  John Lee
Haven't seen the twins before. Really "adequate thesis material.

2003-06-09  Jonathan
I, for one, love the sailboat - we'll talk

2003-06-08  D & G
Wonderful new stuff. We're proud of you!

2003-06-07  Johnny
ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Just the kick in the pants I needed... bastard.

2003-06-06  Ben
J'aime ton bateau. On va faire un tour?

2003-06-05  Sabrina Calley
You have a true artist's heart and mind. One more beautiful than the next. I'm so proud to call you friend.

2003-06-03  Zoe
Just about to get a cool one off print of 'The Bridge' to remind me of my time in Prague!! Can't wait!! Cheers Jesse!

2003-06-02  Litzky
Undertow I and II terrific but sailboat really fabulous - in its complex simlicity. "Le simple n'est pas le facile!"

2003-06-01  Doug
Nice site (except the sailboat)

2003-05-23  Peter